Contents, Sony Ericsson T628

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Getting to know your phone 4
Key functions, quick keys, entering letters and characters.
Personalizing your phone 22
Download settings or choose from the phone.
Calling 30
Use the Phonebook, voice control, call options.
Messaging 51
Text, picture, chat and e-mail.
Camera 61
Use the camera.
Setting up WAP and e-mail 64 
All you need to know about setting up WAP and e-mail.
Using WAP 71
WAP browser, bookmarks.
Transferring and exchanging information 74
Bluetooth wireless technology, synchronization.
More features 79
Calendar, alarm clock, stopwatch, timer, games.
Security 87
SIM card lock, phone lock.
Troubleshooting 89
Why doesn’t the phone work the way I want?
Additional information 91
Safe and efficient use, warranty, declaration of conformity.
Icons 98
What do the icons mean?
Index 105
Sony Ericsson T628