Turning on the phone, Help

Turning on the phone
To turn on the phone
Press and hold down  .
Enter your SIM card PIN (Personal Identification Number), if requested, and select
Select a language.
Follow the instructions that appear.
If you want to correct a mistake when you enter your PIN, press 
SIM card
The SIM (Subscriber Identity Module) card, which you get from your network operator,
contains information about your subscription. Always turn off your phone and detach the
charger before you insert or remove the SIM card.
You can save contacts on the SIM card before you remove it from your phone. See To copy
names and numbers to the SIM card on page 16.
You may need a PIN (Personal Identification Number) to activate the services and functions
in your phone. Your PIN is supplied by your network operator. Each PIN digit appears as
*, unless it starts with emergency number digits, for example, 112 or 911. You can see and
call an emergency number without entering a PIN.
If you enter the wrong PIN three times in a row, the SIM card is blocked. See SIM card lock on
page 49.
After you have turned on your phone and entered your PIN, the name of the network
operator appears. This view is called standby. Your phone is now ready for use.
Using other networks
Making and receiving calls, using messaging, and data transfer, for example, Internet-
based services, outside your home network (roaming), may incur additional costs. Contact
your operator for more information.
In addition to this User guide, Feature guides and more information are available at
Help and information are also available in your phone.
To access the User guide
Select Menu > Settings > User help > User guide.
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