Wall drilling and bracket fixing 


Wall marking: 
•  Draw a vertical line on the supporting wall up to the ceiling, or as high as practical, at the 

centre of the area in which the hood will be installed. 

•  Draw a horizontal line at 500-650 mm above the hob. Place bracket 7.2.1 on the wall as 

shown about 1-2 mm from the ceiling or upper limit aligning the centre (notch) with the ver-
tical reference line. 

•  Mark the wall at the centres of the holes in the bracket. 
•   Place bracket 7.2.1 on the wall as shown at X mm below the first bracket (X = height of the 


  chimney section supplied), aligning the centre (notch) with the vertical line. 
•   Mark the wall at the centres of the holes in the bracket. 
•  Mark a reference point as indicated at 116 mm from the vertical reference line and 305 mm 

above the horizontal reference line. 

•   Repeat this operation on the other side. 
•  Drill ø 8 mm holes at all the centre points marked. 
•   Insert the wall plugs 11 in the holes. 
•   Fix the brackets using the 12a (4,2 x 44,4) screws supplied. 
•  Insert the two screws 12a (4,2 x 44,4) supplied in the hood body fixing holes, leaving a gap 

of 5-6 mm between the wall and the head of the screw.