For this appliance

•  Do not rest any weight or sit on 

the open door of the appliance.

•  Take care that no objects are 

stuck in the doors.

•  Have the condition of the 

components checked regularly by 
Technical Support.

•  The A-weighted sound pressure 

level is below 70 dB (A).

1.2 Identification plate
•  The identification plate bears the 

technical data, serial number and 
brand name of the appliance. Do 
not remove the identification plate 
for any reason.

1.3 Manufacturer liability
The manufacturer declines all liability 
for damage to persons or property 
caused by:
•  Use of the appliance other than 

that specified;

•  Failure to comply with the 

instructions in the user manual;

•  Tampering with any part of the 


•  Use of non-original spare parts.

1.4 Appliance purpose
This appliance is intended for 
cooking food in the professional 
catering environment. Every other 
use is considered improper.
This appliance must not be used by 
people (including children) of 
reduced physical or mental capacity, 
or lacking in experience in the use of 
electrical appliances, unless they are 
supervised or instructed by adults 
who are responsible for their safety.