5.2 Water connection

Connect the water inlet socket on the back 
of the appliance to a water socket with a 
threaded ¾” opening.

5.3 Positioning


Level the appliance on the ground using the 
adjustable feet. The foot has a range of 
10 mm.

Improper use
Risk of damage to the appliance

•  If the water pipe is new or has not been 

used for a long time, before making the 
connection, let the water flow to ensure 
that it is clear and free from impurities.

•  The inlet pressure should be between 

50 kPa min. and 500 kPa max.

Heavy appliance
Crushing hazard

•  Position the appliance with the aid of a 

second person.

Pressure on the open door
Risk of damage to the appliance

•  Never use the open door to lever the 

appliance into place when fitting.

•  Avoid exerting too much pressure on the 

oven door when open.

Heat production during appliance 
Risk of fire

•  Veneers, adhesives or plastic coatings 

on adjacent furniture should be 
temperature-resistant (no less than 

Improper installation

Risk of injury

•  The appliance support base should not 

exceed a height of 1.60 m from the