1 Instructions

1.1 General safety instructions

Risk of personal injury

•  During use the appliance and its 

accessible parts become very hot.

•  Never touch the heating elements 

during use.

•  Keep children under the age of 

eight at a safe distance unless 
they are constantly supervised.

•  Children must never play with the 


•  This appliance may be used by 

children aged at least 8 and by 
people of reduced physical, 
sensory or mental capacity, or 
lacking in experience in the use of 
electrical appliances, provided 
that they are supervised or 
instructed by adults who are 
responsible for their safety.

•  Never try to put out a fire or 

flames with water: Turn off the 
appliance and smother the flames 
with a fire blanket or other 
appropriate cover.

•  Keep the oven door closed 

during cooking.

•  Protect your hands by wearing 

oven gloves when moving food 
inside the oven.

•  Do not touch the heating elements 

inside the oven.

•  Do not pour water directly onto 

very hot trays.

•  Do not allow children to 

approach the appliance when it is 
in operation.

•  If you need to move food or at the 

end of cooking, open the door 5 cm 
for a few seconds, let the steam 
come out, then open it fully.

•  Cleaning and maintenance must 

not be carried out by 
unsupervised children.

•  Do not spray any spray products 

near the appliance.

•  Do not use or leave flammable 

materials near the appliance.

•  Do not use plastic cookware or 

containers when cooking food.

•  Do not put sealed tins or 

containers in the oven.