2.3 Other parts


The appliance features shelves to position 
trays and racks at different heights. The 
insertion heights are indicated from the 
bottom upwards (see 2.1 General 

Internal ventilation

When the door is opened, oven ventilation 
is automatically switched off (together with 
the heating elements); it then resumes as 
soon as the door is closed.

Interior lighting

The oven light comes on when the 
appliance is running or when the door is 

Safety thermostat

The appliance is equipped with a safety 
device that triggers in case of serious 
Only for the installer/technical support:
1. Unscrew the protective cover for the 

thermostat with the dedicated tool. 

2. To reset the safety thermostat, press the 

button on the back.

Optional accessories

Original optional accessories can be 
requested from Authorised Assistance 
Centres. Use only original accessories 
supplied by the manufacturer.

Contact Technical Support 
immediately after the safety device 
has triggered to check if there are 
any faults.