5.  Make sure that the drawers are flush with the door of the oven. If necessary, 

carry out the following adjustments:


Use a 5 mm hex wrench to regulate the drawer fastening mechanism. Turn 

it clockwise to move the drawer outwards, turn it anticlockwise to move the 

drawer inwards (Fig. 5)


If the left or right hand sides of the front of the drawer are not perfectly 

flush, place a shim behind the drawer support bracket to compensate for any 


Fig. 5

Fig. 5A



After adjustment is complete, fasten the drawer to the unit using the side 

screws and then install the covers (Fig. 5A).


Products in 60 cm high recesses

6.  Insert the first 45 cm product next to 60 cm oven that has already been 


•  45 cm Oven: 

Align the upper trims of the ovens. If necessary, place shims* under the oven 

(Fig. 6) to compensate for any misalignment. Lastly, secure the product using the 

screws (Fig. 7)

Fig. 6

Fig. 7

* shims not supplied