5 24 Deep freezer details

Using the product

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Refrigerator / User Guide

5.24. Deep freezer details

As per the IEC 62552 standards, the freezer 

must have the capacity to freeze 4,5 kg of 

food items at -18°C or lower temperatures 

in 24 hours for each 100 litres of freezer 

compartment volume.

Food items can only be preserved for extended 

periods at or below temperature of -18°C . 

You can keep the foods fresh for months (in 

deep freezer at or below temperatures of 18°C ).

The food items to be frozen must not contact 

the already-frozen food inside to avoid partial 


Boil the vegetables and filter the water to 

extend the frozen storage time. Place the food 

in air-tight packages after filtering and place in 

the freezer. Bananas, tomatoes, lettuce, celery, 

boiled eggs, potatoes and similar food items 

should not be frozen. In case this food rots, 

only nutritional values and eating qualities will 

be negatively affected. A rotting threatening 

human health is not in question. 

5.25. Placing the food




Various frozen goods including 

meat, fish, ice cream, 

vegetables etc.




Food items inside pots, capped 

plate and capped cases, eggs 

(in capped case)



door shelves

Small and packed food or 


Vegetable bin Fruits and vegetables

Fresh food 


Delicatessen (breakfast food, 

meat products to be consumed 

in short notice)

5.26. Door open alert

An audible alert will be heard if the product's 
door remains open for at least 1 minute. The 
audible alert will stop when the door is closed 
or any button on the display (if available) is 
Door open alert is indicated to the user both 
audibly and visually. Interior lighting will turn of 
if the warning continues for 10 min.

5.27. Changing the opening 

direction of the door

You can change the direction of opening of 
your refrigerator depending on the location 
where you use it. When you need this, consult 
the closest Authorized Service. 
The explanation above is a general statement. 
You should check the warning tag located insi-
de the product package about the changeabi-
lity of direction of the door.

5.28. Interior light

Interior light uses a LED type lamp. Contact the 

authorized service for any problems with this 


Lamp(s) used in this appliance cannot be used 

for house lighting. Intended use of this lamp is 

to help the user place food into the refrigerator 

/ freezer safely and comfortably.