Two people are recommended to attach the Microwave 

Oven/Hood to the Mounting Plate.
1. Place cut portion of carton (B) on top surface of range. 

Protection of the range cooking surface is recommend-

ed. A protective drop cloth may also be used to cover 

the top of the range.

2. Place carton portion (C) on portion (A); then place 

oven as shown in Figure 21.

3. Place the oven and the carton portions together on the 

top of the range covered with (B). Slide carton portion 

(A) toward backsplash until stops. Align the lower back 

edge of the oven with the mounting plate.




Figure 21

4. Thread the power supply cord through the hole made 

in the bottom of the top cabinet.

5. Hang the oven on the lower edge of the mounting 

plate. Rotate the unit upward. See Figure 22. Take 

care that the power cord is able to clear the edge of 

the hole as the oven is rotated upward. (In the case 

of a non-recessed bottom in the top cabinet, the hole 

for the cord may need to be enlarged.) Remove the 

carton portions.

Hang at these



Figure 22

6. Tighten the two unit mounting screws located in the 

grease filter openings. See Figure 23.

Unit mounting


Figure 23

7. Install grease filters by fitting into the opening. Push 

back and up into place. See Figure 24.

Grease filter

Figure 24

8. Use the two Top Cabinet Screws (D) and two Flat 

Washers (E), supplied in the INSTALLATION HARD-

WARE, to attach the unit to the top cabinet. See 

Figure 25.


(for metal

cabinet only)



Figure 25

9. Make a bundle of the power supply cord and place it 

inside the cabinet.