5. Replace the fan cover bracket. Make sure the 

fan blades are visible through the rear openings 

in oven before proceeding. Attach the fan cover 

bracket to the unit with the 4 screws removed in 

step 1 above. See Figure 11. The hood fan is now 

rotated for horizontal exhaust operation.

Wire box

Figure 11

6. Attach the Exhaust Damper Assembly to the back 

of the mounting plate by sliding it into the slits in the 

same direction as the arrow. See Figure 12. Using 

tapping screw 4 x 12 mm from the INSTALLATION 

HARDWARE, tighten into place.

Mounting plate (back side)

Figure 12



1.  Remove and save the 4 screws from the Fan Cover 

Bracket. Remove Fan Cover Bracket by sliding it 

in the opposite direction of the arrow on the Fan 

Cover Bracket as shown in Figure 13.

Fan cover bracket

Figure 13

2.  Lift the Hood Fan Unit carefully and slip wires out 

of cavity. See Figure 14. 


CAUTION: Do not pull or stretch hood fan wiring.

Figure 14

3. Rotate  the  Hood  Fan  Unit  180˚  so  that  the  fan 

blade openings are facing the back of the oven. 

Note, you will need to lift the wire over the hood 

fan unit so the wire will clear. See Figure 15 (A). 

Then rotate the Hood Fan Unit 90˚ so that the fan 

blade openings are  facing the top of the oven. 

See Figure 15 (B). Replace Hood Fan Unit into the 

oven. Be careful not to pinch the lead wire between 

the inner bracket and the Hood Fan Unit. Put the 

lead wire into Wire Box. See Figure 15 (C).

(A) Rotate 180˚



Figure 15

4. Replace the Fan Cover Bracket. Make sure the 

fan blades are visible through the top openings in 

the oven before proceeding.