•  Do not leave the appliance 

unattended during cooking 

operations where fats or oils 

could be released.

•  Remove all trays and racks which 

are not required during cooking.

•  Do not insert pointed metal 

objects (cutlery or utensils) into the 

slots in the appliance.

•  Switch off the appliance 

immediately after use.

•  Do not modify this appliance.
•  Have qualified personnel carry 

out installation and assistance 

interventions according to the 

standards in force.

•  Do not try to repair the appliance 

yourself or without the intervention 
of a qualified technician.

•  If the power supply cable is 

damaged, it must be replaced by 
the manufacturer, by Technical 
Support or other qualified 
personnel in order to ensure a 
hazard is not created.

•  Do not place containers with 

liquids or food products which 
can melt during cooking on the 
upper shelves which are not 

•  The floor next to the appliance 

could be very slippery. Be very 

•  The terminal indicated by the 


symbol connects components that 
are normally earthed. Connect 
the appliances appropriately 
using this terminal in order to 
make sure that they are 

•  Have the electrical connection 

performed by authorised 
technical personnel.

•  The appliance must be connected 

to earth in compliance with 
electrical system safety standards.

•  Disconnect the mains power 


•  Do not pull the cable to remove 

the plug.

•  The replacement of the power 

cable must only be performed by 
a qualified technician.

•  Use H07RN-F cables 

withstanding a temperature of at 
least 75 °C.

•  The tightening torque of the 

screws of the terminal supply 
wires must be 1.5 - 2 Nm.