5 Installation

5.1 Electrical connection

General information

Check the grid characteristics against the 
data indicated on the plate. The 
identification plate bearing the technical 
data, serial number and brand name is 
visibly positioned on the appliance. Do not 
remove this plate for any reason.
Perform the ground connection using a wire 
that is 20 mm longer than the other wires.

The appliance is provided with a five-core 
H07RN-F cable (5 x 1.5 mm² referring to 
the cross section of the internal conductor).

Connection modes:

•  220-240 V 1N~

3 x 2.5 mm² three-core cable.

•  380-415 V 2N~

4 x 2.5 mm² four-core cable.

•  380-415 V 3N~

5 x 1.5 mm² five-core cable.

The terminal indicated by 




parts that are 

normally earthed. Connect the 
appliances appropriately using this 
terminal in order to make sure that 
they are equipotential.

If the phase voltage drops below 
190V~, the performance of the 
oven may suffer, not due to the 
product itself.

The values indicated above refer 
to the cross-section of the internal