2. Use a flat-head screwdriver to unhook 

and lift the cover to access the terminal 

3. Replace the cable.

4. Make sure that the cables follow the best 

route in order to avoid any contact with 
the appliance.

5.2 Positioning


Level the appliance on the ground using the 
adjustable feet. The foot has a range of 
10 mm.

Heavy appliance
Crushing hazard

•  Position the appliance with the aid of a 

second person.

Pressure on the open door
Risk of damage to the appliance

•  Never use the open door to lever the 

appliance into place when fitting.

•  Avoid exerting too much pressure on the 

oven door when open.

Heat production during appliance 
Risk of fire

•  Veneers, adhesives or plastic coatings 

on adjacent furniture should be 
temperature-resistant (no less than 

Improper installation

Risk of injury

•  The appliance support base should not 

exceed a height of 1.60 m from the