Fixed connection

Fit the power line with an omnipolar circuit 
breaker in compliance with installation 
The circuit breaker should be located near 
the appliance and in an easily reachable 

Connection with plug and socket

For connections:

380-415 V 2N~

with 4 x 2.5 mm² four-core cable

380-415 V 3N~

with 5 x 1.5 mm² five-core cable

Check that the plug (not supplied) and 
power socket are compatible and of 
adequate capacity for the maximum current 
draw of the appliance.
Avoid using adapters and shunts as these 
could cause overheating and a risk of 

(Example of plug and socket 32A)

Cable replacement

1. On the back of the appliance, unscrew 

the 4 screws to remove the metal cover 
of the terminal.

Power voltage
Danger of electrocution

•  Disconnect the mains power supply.
•  The replacement of the power cable 

must only be performed by a qualified