Cleaning and maintenance



4.5 If the appliance is not working properly

This product meets current safety regulations 
for electrical appliances. To prevent safety 
hazards for users, all technical inspections 
or repairs must be carried out by qualified 

Regular Maintenance

•  The appliance must be checked over 

thoroughly by a qualified technician on a 
regular basis (at least once a year).

•  Any maintenance work must only be 

performed by a qualified technician.

•  Before performing any kind of 

maintenance, disconnect the appliance 
from the mains and wait for it to cool 
down if it has recently been used.


Possible solution

The appliance is not working properly

•  The timer knob is positioned on 0.
•  The plug is not correctly inserted in the 


•  The electrical system is damaged or not 

working properly.

•  The fuses have blown or the circuit breakers 

are off/have tripped.

The appliance cooks food either too 
slowly or too quickly

•  The temperature setting is incorrect.

Moisture forms inside the oven and on 

•  Food is being left in the oven for too long 

after cooking. Do not leave it in the oven for 
more than 15-20 minutes after the end of 
the cooking time.

If the appliance is not working 
properly, before calling Technical 
Support, ensure that the 
procedures listed above have 
been performed.