Before performing any maintenance and or cleaning always disconnect the hood from the power supply



In the case of a cartridge filter blocked with a bracket and threaded knob, (fig. C), unscrew

the knob, remove the locking bracket and then remove the active carbon filter. Replace the

carbon filters and the metal non-grease filters by performing the operations in inverse order

Note: only the electronically-controlled hood can the filter cleaning warning function

be reset by pressing the specific

filter reset button

Before performing any maintenance
and/or  cleaning  always  disconnect
the hood from the power supply

Depending  on  the  model,  the  hood  can  be
equipped with different types of lighting, with LED
or halogen lamps:

a) WITH LED LIGHTS: The LED lights guarantee

a  significant  number  of  hours  of  operation.
Should it be replace due to being worn or faulty,
the  entire  spotlight  must  be  replaced.  In  this
case, contact qualified Technical Support. This
appliance is equipped with Class 1M white LED
light, in accordance with EN standard 60825-1:
1994 + A1:2002 + A2:2001; maximum emitted
optical power@439nm: 7μW.

 Do  not  look  directly  at  the  light  with  optical
instruments (binoculars, magnifying glass...).

b) Halogen: lamp with G4 fitting, 20W power and


voltage.  Replace  the  lamp  by  removing

the  glass  support  ring  of  the  spotlight  with
a  screwdriver.  Once  the  glass  is  removed,
remove the faulty lamp from its housing and fit
the new lamp. Replace the glass of the spotlight
by blocking it with the ring.
Code ILCOS: HSG/C/UB-20-12-G4