To Reduce the Risk of Injury to Persons

Grounding Installation

Electric Shock Hazard

Touching some  of  the  

internal componentscan 

cause serious personal 

injury or death.Do not 

disassemble this appliance.


Electric Shock Hazard Improper 

use of  the grounding can  

result in electric shock. 

Do not plug into an outlet 

until appliance is  properly  

installed and grounded.
This appliance must be 

grounded. In the event of 

an electrical short circuit,

grounding reduces the 

risk of electric shock by 

providing an escape wire 

for the electric current. 

This appliance is equipped 

with a cord having a 

grounding wire with 

a grounding plug. The 

plug must be plugged into 

an outlet that is properly

installed and grounded.

Consult a qualified 

electrician or serviceman 

if the grounding instructions

are not completely 

understood or if doubtexists 

as to whether the appliance 

is properly grounded. 

If it is necessary to use an 

extension cord , use only 

a 3-wire

1. A short power-supply cord 

is provided to reduce the risks 

resulting from becoming 

entangled in or tripping over a 

longer cord.2. If a long cord set 

or extension cord isused:

1)The marked electrical rating 

of the cordset or extension cord 

should be at least as great as 

the electrical rating of the 


2)The extension cord must be 

a grounding-type 3-wire cord.

3)The long cord should be 

arranged so that it will not drape 

over the counter top or tabletop 

where it can be pulled on 

by children or tripped over