7) Press "             " to start cooking, and buzzer will sound once for the
    first section, defrosting time counts down; buzzer will sound once again entering
    the second cooking. when cooking finish, buzzer sounds five times.

1) Press "       " twice, and the oven will display "dEF2".

2) Turn "        " to select the defrost time till "5:00" display.

3) Press "                   

                  " once, the screen display "P100".

5) Press "   

                                 " to confirm, and the screen displays "P 80".

6) Turn "       " to adjust the cooking time till the oven displays "7:00".

4) Press "                    

                  " once again or turn "        " to choose 80%

    microwave power.

9. Multi-section cooking

At most 2 sections can be set for cooking. In multi-section cooking, if one section is
defrosting, then defrosting shall be placed in the first section.

Example: If you want to defrost  food for 5 minutes and then cook with 80% microwave
                power for 7 minutes, operate it as the following:

(1) Press "     



 , the screen will display 00:00.

(2) Turn "            " to enter the correct time. (The maximum cooking time is 95 minutes.)
(3) Press "                                     

" to confirm setting.

(4) When the kitchen time is reached, the buzzer will ring 5 times.
      If the clock has been set (24-hour system), 

 will display the current time.

Note: The kitchen Time is different from 24-hour system. Kitchen Timer is a timer.



the screen

8. Kitchen Timer