Installation and connection

1.This appliance is only intended for domestic use.

2.This oven is intended for built-in use only.It is not intended 

for counter-top use or for use inside a cupboard.

3. Please observe the special installation instructions.

4.The appliance can be installed in a 60cm wide wall-

mounted cupboard(at lease 55cm deep and 85cm off the 


5.The appliance is fitted with a plug and must only be 

connected to a properly installed   earthed socket.

6.The mains voltage must correspond to the voltage 

specified on the rating plate.

7.The socket must be installed and connecting cable must 

only be replaced by a qualified electrician.If the plug is no 

longer to accessible following installation,an all-pole 

disconnecting device must be present on the installation 

side with a contact gap of at lease 3mm.

8.Adapters,multi-way strips and extension leads must not 

be used. Overloading can result in a risk of fire.

The accessible surfacemay 

be hot during operation.