2.6 Programmer clock

 Value decrease key

 Clock key

 Value increase key

Setting the time

On the first use, or after a power failure, the 


 will be flashing on 

the appliance’s display.

1. Keep the clock key 

 for two seconds. 

The dot between the hours and the 
minutes flashes.

2. The time can be set via the value 

increase key 

 and value decrease 


. Keep the key pressed in to 

increase or decrease rapidly.

3. Wait 7 seconds. The dot between the 

hours and the minutes stops flashing. 

The symbol 

 on the display indicates 

that the appliance is ready to start cooking.

Ensure that the programmer clock 
shows the cooking duration 


, otherwise it will not 

be possible to turn on the oven.

Press the key 

 to reset the 

programmer clock.

If the time is not set, the oven will 
not switch on.

To change the time, hold down the 

value increase key 

 and value 

decrease key 

 at the same time 

for two seconds, then set the time.