2.3 Using the accessories

Racks and trays

Racks and trays must be inserted into the 
side guides until they come to a complete 
•  The mechanical safety locks that prevent 

the rack from being taken out 
accidentally must face downwards and 
towards the oven back.

Tray rack

The tray rack must be inserted into the tray. 
In this way fat can be collected separately 
from the food which is being cooked.

2.4 Using the oven

Turning the oven on

To turn the oven on:
1. Select the cooking function using the 

function knob.

2. Select the temperature using the 

temperature knob.

Gently insert racks and trays into 
the oven until they come to a stop.

Clean the trays before using them 
for the first time to remove any 
residues left by the manufacturing