Cleaning and Maintenance

Cleaning and Maintenance


Removing the seal

To permit thorough cleaning of the oven, the 
door seal can be removed. There are 
hooks on all four sides to attach it to the 
edge of the oven. Pull the edges of the seal 
outwards to detach the hooks.

To keep the seals clean, use a non-abrasive 
sponge and lukewarm water. Seals should 
be soft and elastic.

Minimum adjustment

For natural Gas:
Light the burner and turn the knob to the 
minimum position 

. Remove the gas tap 

knob and turn the adjustment screw at the 
side of the tap rod until the desired minimum 
flame is achieved.
Refit the knob and verify that the burner 
flame is stable (when turning the knob 
rapidly from the maximum to the minimum 
position the flame must not go out).
Repeat this operation on the remaining gas 
taps on the cooktop.
For LP Gas:
Turn off the burners and unplug the 
appliance from the electrical power supply.
For regulating the minimum with LP, the 
screws at the side of the tap rod must be 
turned clockwise all the way. Once the 
regulation has been completed, replace the 
seal on the by-passes using paint or similar 
materials. Follow the instructions given in 
point 9 to locate the adjustment screws.

Lubricating the surface burner gas valves

Over time, the surface burner gas valves 
may become stiff or jam. Clean them 
internally and relubricate. This operation 
must be carried out by a qualified