Old and out-of-order fridges

•  If your old fridge has a lock, break or remove the lock 

before discarding it, because children may get trapped 

inside it and may cause an accident.

•  Old fridges and freezers contain isolation material and 

refrigerant with CFC. Therefore, take care not to harm 

environment when you are discarding your old fridges.

•  Please ask your municipal authority about the disposal of 

the WEEE for the reuse, recycle and recovery purposes.


•  Please read the instruction manual carefully before 

installing and using your appliance.  We are not responsible 

of the damage occurred due to misuse.

•  Follow all instructions on your appliance and instruction 

manual, and keep this manual in a safe place to resolve 

the problems that may occur in the future.         

•  This appliance is produced to be used at houses and it can 

only be used in house and for the specified purposes.  It 

is not suitable for commercial or common use. Such use 

will cause the guarantee of the appliance to be cancelled 

and our company will not be responsible for the losses to 

be occurred. 

•  This appliance is produced to be used in houses and it is 

only suitable for cooling / storing foods. It is not suitable for 

commercial or common use and/or for storing substances 

except for food. Our company is not responsible for the 

losses to be occurred in the contrary case.