Freezer Compartment

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Freezer Compartment

•  The use of freezer is, storing of deep-frozen or frozen foods for long periods of time 

and making ice cubes.

•  Do not put fresh and warm foods to the freezer door shelves to be frozen. Only use for 

storage of frozen foods.

•  Do not put fresh and warm food with frozen food side by side as it can thaw the frozen 


•  Use the fast freezing shelf to freeze home cooking (and the foods which is wanted to 

freeze) more quickly because of the freezing room’s greater freezing power.

•  While freezing fresh foods (i.e. meat, fish and mincemeat) divide them in parts you will 

use in one time.

•  While freezing fresh foods; Maximum amount of fresh food (in kg) that can be frozen in 

24 hours is indicated on the appliance label.

•  For optimum appliance performance to reach maximum freezing capacity, turn the ther-

mostat  knob to position max 24 hours before placing fresh food inthe freezer.

•  After placing fresh food in the freezer, 24 hours on max position is generally sufficient, 

After 24 hours, don not need to set the thermostat  knob to position max.

•  Attention; In order to save energy, When freezing small amounts of food, don not need 

to set the thermostat  knob to position max.

•  For storing the frozen foods; the instructions shown on frozen food packages should 

always be followed carefully and if no information is provided food should not be stored 

for more than 3 months from the purchased date.

•  When buying frozen foods ensure that these have been frozen at suitable temperatures 

and that the packing is intact.

•  Frozen foods should be transported in appopriate containers to maintain the quality 

of the food and should be returned to the freezing surfaces of the unit in the shortest 

possible time.

•  If  a  package  of  frozen  food  shows  the  sign  of  humidity  and  abnormal  swelling  it  is 

probable that it has been previously stored at an unsuitable temperature and that the 

contents have deteriorated.

•  The storage life of frozen foods depends on the room temperature, thermostat setting, 

how often the door is opened, the type of food and the length of time required to transport 

the product from the shop to your home. Always follow the instructions printed on the 

package and never exceed the maximum storage life indicated.

In some models; while loading the freezing compartment, the loading lines 

should not be passed. Otherwise, the door might remain open. In case that 

the freezing compartment door is left open, snow formation might occur 

in the freezing compartment. The problem shall not repeat itself after the 

snowed part is cleaned and it is made certain that its door is fully closed.
Also, not closing the freezing and/or cooling compartment door would 

increase your energy consumption.