EN - Instruction on mounting and use  

Closely follow the instructions set out in this manual. All 
responsibility,  for any eventual inconveniences, damages or 
fires caused by not complying with the instructions in this 
manual, is declined. The hood is conceived for the suction of 
cooking fumes and steam and is destined only for domestic 
Note: the elements marked with the symbol “(*)” are optional 
accessories supplied only with some models or elements to 
purchase, not supplied. 



Before any cleaning or maintenance 

operation, disconnect hood from the 
mains by removing the plug or 

disconnecting the mains electrical supply.  
Always wear work gloves for all 

installation and maintenance operations. 
This appliance can be used by children 

aged from 8 years and above and 
persons with reduced physical, sensory 

or mental capabilities or lack of 
experience and knowledge if they have 

been given supervision or instruction 
concerning use of the appliance in a safe 

way and understand the hazards 

Children shall not be allowed to tamper 
with the controls or play with the 

Cleaning and user maintenance shall not 

be made by children without supervision. 
The premises where the appliance is 

installed must be sufficiently ventilated, 
when the kitchen hood is used together 

with other gas combustion devices or 
other fuels.  

The hood must be regularly cleaned on 
both the inside and outside (AT LEAST 


This must be completed in accordance 
with the maintenance instructions 

provided in this manual. Failure to follow 
the instructions provided in this user 

guide regarding the cleaning of the hood 
and filters will lead to the risk of fires. 

The flaming of foods beneath the hood 
itself is severely prohibited. 

The use of exposed flames is detrimental 
to the filters and may cause a fire risk, 

and must therefore be avoided in all 

Any frying must be done with care in 
order to make sure that the oil does not 

overheat and ignite. 
CAUTION: Accessible parts of the hood 

may become hot when used with cooking 

For lamp replacement use only lamp type 

indicated in the Maintenance/Replacing 
lamps section of this manual. 

WARNING!  Do not connect the 
appliance to the mains until the 

installation is fully complete.  
With regards to the technical and safety 

measures to be adopted for fume 
discharging it is important to closely 

follow the regulations provided by the 
local authorities. 

The ducting system for this appliance 
must not be connected to any existing 

ventilation system which is being used for 
any other purpose such as discharging 

exhaust fumes from appliances burning 
gas or other fuels.