The hood is designed to be used either for exhausting or filter 

 Ducting version


In this case the fumes are conveyed outside of the building by 
means of a special pipe connected with the connection ring 
located on top of the hood. 
Attention! The exhausting pipe is not supplied and must be 
purchased apart. 
Diameter of the exhausting pipe must be equal to that of the 
connection ring. 
In the horizontal runs the exhausting pipe must be slightly 
slanted (about 10°) and directed upwards to vent the air easily 
from the room to the outside. 
Attention! If the hood is supplied with active charcoal filter, 
then it must be removed. 

Connect the hood and discharge holes on the walls with a 
diameter equivalent to the air outlet (connection flange). 
Using the tubes and discharge holes on walls with smaller 

dimensions will cause a diminution of the suction performance 
and a drastic increase in noise. 

Any responsibility in the matter is therefore declined.  

Use a duct of the minimum indispensible length. 

Use a duct with as few elbows as possible (maximum 
elbow angle: 90°). 

Avoid drastic changes in the duct cross-section. 

Use a duct as smooth as possible inside. 

The duct must be made of certified material. 


 Filter version


The aspirated air will be degreased and deodorised before 
being fed back into the room. 
In order to use the hood in this version, you have to install a 
system of additional filtering based on activated charcoal. 
The models with no suction motor only operate in ducting 
mode, and must be connected to an external suction device 
(not supplied). 
The connecting instructions are supplied with the peripheral 

suction unit.  



The minimum distance between the supporting surface for the 
cooking equipment on the hob and the lowest part of the 

range hood must be not less than 50cm from electric cookers 
and 65cm from gas or mixed cookers. 
If the instructions for installation for the gas hob specify a 
greater distance, this must be adhered to. 


  Electrical connection 

The mains power supply must correspond to the rating 
indicated on the plate situated inside the hood. If provided with 
a plug connect the hood to a socket in compliance with current 
regulations and positioned in an accessible area, after 
installation. If it not fitted with a plug (direct mains connection) 
or if the plug is not located in an accessible area, after 
installation,  apply a double pole switch in accordance with 
standards which assures the complete disconnection of the 
mains under conditions relating to over-current category III, in 
accordance with installation instructions. 
Warning! Before re-connecting the hood circuit to the mains 
supply and checking the efficient function, always check that 
the mains cable is correctly assembled. 
The hood is provided with a special power cable ; if the cable 

is damaged, request a new one from Technical Service. 



Expansion wall plugs are provided to secure the hood to most 
types of walls/ceilings. However, a qualified technician must 

verify suitability of the materials in accordance with the type of 
wall/ceiling. The wall/ceiling must be strong enough to take 
the weight of the hood. Do not tile, grout or silicone this 
appliance to the wall. Surface mounting only. 



Use the high suction speed in cases of concentrated kitchen 
vapours.  It is recommended that the cooker hood suction is 
switched on for 5 minutes prior to cooking and to leave in 
operation during cooking and for another 15 minutes 
approximately after terminating cooking.  


1. Lights 


2. Motor 




“2” is pressed the motor passes to speed 1. 


If the key is pressed during working, the hood passes to 
OFF state. 

3. Speed 




“3” is pressed the speed decreases from 4 

(intense) to 1. 

4. Speed 




“4” is pressed with the hood in OFF state, the 

hood passes to speed 1. 


If the key is pressed during working, the speed increases 
from 1 to 4 (intense). 


The intense speed is timed. The standard timing is 5’, at 
the end of which the hood sets at speed 2. 


To deactivate the function before the end of the time, 
press key “3”, the hood sets at speed 3, when key “2” is 
pressed the hood turns off.