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Refrigerator / User Manual


Check this list before contacting the service. Doing so will save you time and money. This list includes 

frequent complaints that are not related to faulty workmanship or materials. Certain features mentioned 

herein may not apply to your product.

The refrigerator is not working. 

•  The power plug is not fully settled. >>> Plug it in to settle completely into the socket.
•  The fuse connected to the socket powering the product or the main fuse is blown. >>> Check the 


Condensation on the side wall of the cooler compartment (MULTI ZONE, COOL, CONTROL and FLEXI ZONE).

•  The environment is too cold. >>> Do not install the product in environments with temperatures 

below -5°C.

•  The door is opened too frequently >>> Take care not to open the product’s door too frequently.

•  The environment is too humid. >>> Do not install the product in humid environments.

•  Foods containing liquids are kept in unsealed holders. >>> Keep the foods containing liquids in 

sealed holders.

•  The product’s door is left open. >>> Do not keep the product’s door open for long periods.

•  The thermostat is set to too low temperature. >>> Set the thermostat to appropriate temperature.

Compressor is not working.

•  In case of sudden power failure or pulling the power plug off and putting back on, the gas pressure 

in the product’s cooling system is not balanced, which triggers the compressor thermic safeguard. 
The product will restart after approximately 6 minutes. If the product does not restart after this 
period, contact the service.

•  Defrosting is active. >>> This is normal for a fully-automatic defrosting product. The defrosting is 

carried out periodically.

•  The product is not plugged in. >>> Make sure the power cord is plugged in.
•  The temperature setting is incorrect. >>> Select the appropriate temperature setting.
•  The power is out. >>> The product will continue to operate normally once the power is restored.

The refrigerator's operating noise is increasing while in use.

•  The product’s operating performance may vary depending on the ambient temperature variations. 

This is normal and not a malfunction.

The refrigerator runs too often or for too long.