Safety and environment instructions

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Refrigerator / User Guide

Safety and environment instructions

This section provides the safety 

instructions necessary to prevent 

the risk of injury and material 

damage. Failure to observe these 

instructions will invalidate all 

types of product warranty.
1.1. General safety

This product should not be 

used by persons with physical, 

sensory and mental disabilities, 

without sufficient knowledge 

and experience or by children. 

The device can only be 

used by such persons under 

supervision and instruction of 

a person responsible for their 

safety. Children should not be 

allowed to play with this device.

In case of malfunction, unplug 

the device.

After unplugging, wait at least 

5 minutes before plugging 

in again. Unplug the product 

when not in use. Do not touch 

the plug with wet hands! Do 

not pull the cable to plug off, 

always hold the plug.

Wipe the power plug’s tip with 

a dry cloth before plugging in.

Do not plug in the refrigerator if 

the socket is loose.

Unplug the product during 

installation, maintenance, 

cleaning and repair. 

If the product will not be used 

for a while, unplug the product 

and remove any food inside. 

Do not use steam or steamed 

cleaning materials for cleaning 

the refrigerator and melting the 

ice inside.  Steam may contact 

the electrified areas and cause 

short circuit or electric shock!

Do not wash the product by 

spraying or pouring water on it! 

Danger of electric shock!

In case of malfunction, do not 

use the product, as it may 

cause electric shock.  Contact 

the authorized service before 

doing anything.

Plug the product into an 

earthed socket. Earthing 

must be done by a qualified 


If the product has LED type 

lighting, contact the authorized 

service for replacing or in case 

of any problem.

Do not touch frozen food with 

wet hands! It may adhere to 

your hands!

Do not place liquids in bottles 

and cans into the freezer 

compartment. They may burst 


Place liquids in upright position 

after tightly closing the lid.