Fixing the Frame/Chimney 

Should it be necessary to adjust the height of the frame, proceed 
as follows: 
•  Unfasten the metric screws joining the two  opposite parts that 

can be seen from the front; 

•  Adjust the height of the frame as required, then replace the 

screws removed as above, making sure that you insert 2 of 
them close to the panel lock;  

•  Lift the frame, insert the slots onto the screws and slide them 

until they lock; 

•  Tighten the two screws and insert the other two screws pro-


•  Take the telescopic chimney locking bracket 7.2, remove the 

film from the double sided adhesive and fix it inside the frame 
so as to hold it more firmly. 

Before final locking of the screws it is possible to make small 
adjustments to the frame, making sure that the screws do not 
come out of the adjustment slot. 
•  The Frame must be securely fastened both due to the weight of 

the Hood and the stress caused by occasional sideways pres-
sure on the Appliance when in position. When fastened, check 
that the base is stable even when the Frame is subjected to 

•  In all cases where the Ceiling is not sufficiently strong at the 

point of suspension, the Installation technician must strengthen 
it with suitable plates and counterplates, anchored to structur-
ally sound elements. 






Ducted version air exhaust system Connection 

When installing the ducted version, connect the hood to the 
chimney using either a flexible or rigid pipe ø 150 or 120 mm, 
the choice of which is left to the installer. 

•  To install a ø 120 mm air exhaust connection, insert the re-

ducer flange 9 on the hood body outlet. 

•  Fix the pipe using the pipe clamps 25 (not provided).  
•  Remove any activated charcoal filters. 


ø 150


ø 120