Food Preservation





Food Preservation


Frozen food


Ice cream

Packaged meat

Fresh meat, fish and poultry


Milk, cream and fresh cheeses



Wash vegetables in cold water and dry well. Place vegetables in vacuum 
packed containers, plastic containers or vegetable bags in a 0°C Drawer.

Place food in plastic bags for the freezer. These bags must be hermetically 
sealed against air and humidity. Do not refreeze defrosted meat.

Wash and dry fresh fruit. Pack very aromatic fruit in plastic bags.
Fruit should be placed in the high humidity 0°C compartment.

The firmness of ice cream depends on the quantity of cream that it con-
tains. In general, high-quality ice cream has large amounts of cream, 
therefore  a  very  low  temperature  in  the  freezer  will  be  necessary  to 
maintain its firmness.
Consequently,  ice  cream  without  much  firmness  is  not  necessarily  an 
indication of a temperature problem as raised above normal levels.

Place in the refrigerator in its original packaging.
After opening, wrap the remaining food in plastic bags or aluminum foil.

Remove the original packaging, then put in plastic bags or containers 
and immediately place in the refrigerator.

Place the eggs in their package or container into the refrigerator with-
out washing them. Check the “best before” date and at any  rate use 
the eggs within two weeks of purchasing.

These should be kept in their original closed packaging. Place these on 
refrigerator shelves and consume these within five days of purchase.

Place these in the 0°C drawer in their original packaging.
Once opened, close these hermetically in plastic bags or aluminum foil.

Let these cool off and cover hermetically with aluminum foil or place
in sealed containers to prevent drying or the spread of odors.

Recommendations for preserving fresh food

Recommendations for preserving frozen food

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