2.3 Other parts


The appliance features shelves to position 
trays and racks at different heights. The 
insertion heights are indicated from the 
bottom upwards (see 2.1 General 

Internal ventilation

When the door is opened, oven ventilation 
is automatically switched off (together with 
the heating elements); it then resumes as 
soon as the door is reclosed.

Interior lighting

The oven light comes on when the 
appliance is running or when the door is 

Manual door opening (models with 
swing door only)

In the event of a temporary power cut, pull 
the cord on the back of the appliance to 
manually open the door.

2.4 Available accessories


Useful for arranging food during cooking.

Some models are not provided 
with all accessories.

The oven accessories intended to 
come into contact with food are 
made of materials that comply with 
the provisions of current legislation.

Supplied original and optional 
accessories can be requested to 
Authorised Assistance Centres. 
Use only original accessories 
supplied by the manufacturer.