1 Instructions

1.1 General safety instructions

Risk of personal injury

•  During use the appliance and its 

accessible parts become very hot.

•  Never touch the heating elements 

during use.

•  Keep children under eight years 

of age at a safe distance if they 
are not constantly supervised.

•  Children must never play with the 


•  This appliance may be used by 

children aged at least 8 and by 
people of reduced physical, 
sensory or mental capacity, or 
lacking in experience in the use of 
electrical appliances, provided 
that they are supervised or 
instructed by adults who are 
responsible for their safety.

•  Never try to put out a fire or 

flames with water: Turn off the 
appliance and smother the flames 
with a fire blanket or other 
appropriate cover.

•  The appliance must never be 

cleaned by unsupervised children.

•  Do not insert pointed metal 

objects (cutlery or utensils) into the 

slots in the appliance.

•  Switch off the appliance 

immediately after use.

•  Do not modify this appliance.
•  Have qualified personnel carry 

out installation and assistance 

interventions according to the 

standards in force.

•  Do not try to repair the appliance 

yourself or without the intervention 
of a qualified technician.

•  If the power supply cable is 

damaged, contact technical 
support immediately and they will 
replace it.

•  Do not open the storage 

compartment when the oven is on 
and still hot.

•  The items inside the storage 

compartment could be very hot 
after using the oven.

Risk of damaging the appliance

•  Do not use abrasive or corrosive 

detergents (e.g. scouring 
powders, stain removers and 
metallic sponges) on glass parts.

•  Racks and trays have to be 

inserted into the side guides until 
they come to a complete stop. 
The mechanical safety locks that 
prevent the rack from being taken 
out accidentally have to face 
downwards and towards the 
oven back.