The cooker hood functions are controlled by a series of slider or push button switches mounted 
on the front of the hood and control the worktop lighting and fan motor speeds. This cooker 
hood will not remove steam.  
   - A switch controls the worktop lighting - ON/OFF. 
   - A switch controls the fan speeds - OFF/ON-1-2-3.  
   - The red neon lamp illuminates when the motor is switched ON . 
   - A switch controls the worktop lighting - ON/OFF. 
   - A button switches the motor OFF/ON at the low speed setting. 
   - A button switches the motor to the medium speed setting. 
   - A button switches the motor to the high speed setting. 
   - The red neon lamp illuminates when the motor is switched ON. 
   -  1/Low should be selected when simmering or when using only one pan. 
  - 2/Medium should be selected for cooking when using up to four pans. 
   - 3/High should be selected when frying or cooking food with a strong odour. 


N.B. Before carring out any kind of maintenance, cleaning or replacing lamps, disconnect the 
hood from the mains supply. 
1.   Lighting 
    Comprises two (28W - 40W) bulbs. To replace the bulbs, proceed as follows (fig.10): Re-

move one of the pins at the sides of the lamp cover. Slide the glass towards the side from 
which the pin has been removed until the opposite edge has been freed, then pull gently 
downwards. Replace the bults and fit the glass again by repeating the above operations in 
reverse order.   

2.   Filters  
-    The metal grease filter should be cleaned every two months or more frequently if the hood 

is used consistently and can be cleaned in a dishwasher or by hand using a mild detergent 
or liquid soap. When replacing, ensure that they are dry.  

-    The charcoal filter cannot be washed and should be replaced at least every 2 months or 

more frequently if the hood is used consistently.  

3.   Cleaning 


    When cleaning the hood, it is recommended to use a damp cloth and mild liquid household 

cleaner. Never use abrasive cleaning materials. 

    IMPORTANT: When using a gas hob in connection with the cooker hood never leave the 

burners of the hob uncovered while the hood is in use or when the pans have been re-
moved. It is very important to follow all instructions for cleaning the hood and filters. 
There could be a possible fire hazard if the filters are not replaced according to these in-

    ATTENTION: The manufacturer declines all responsibility for any damage or injury 

caused as a result of not following the instructions for installation, for maintenance and re-
placement times of filters indicated (in order to avoid a possible risk of fire when the filters 
are saturated with grease).