3.2 First use

1. Remove any protective film from the 

outside or inside of the appliance, 
including accessories.

2. Remove any labels (apart from the 

technical data plate) from the 
accessories and from the oven cavity.

3. Remove and wash all the appliance 

accessories (if fitted) (see 4 Cleaning 
and maintenance).

4. Heat the empty oven at the maximum 

temperature to burn off any residues left 
by the manufacturing process.

3.3 Using the oven

Switching on the oven

To switch on the oven:
1. Select the cooking function using the 

function knob.

2. Select the temperature using the 

temperature knob.

3. Select the cooking time (up to 60’), or set 

manual cooking 

 using the timer 


Opening and closing the door

The appliance is equipped with a swing 
door. To open it, press the “DOOR” key on 
the control panel.
In the event of a temporary power cut, pull 
the cord on the back of the appliance to 
manually open the door.
To reclose it, push the door until you hear a 
mechanical “click”.

The oven is designed for a 
maximum load of 3.5 kg.

The maximum extent the doors of 
the multifunction ovens can be 
opened to is 110°.

The swing door does not lock in 
the open position and may tend to 
swing close again. During use, pay 
attention not to come into contact 
with the internal glass pane to 
prevent burns.

Over time the swing door might 
become more difficult to open and 
close. Grease the hinges.