Cleaning and Maintenance



Removing racks/trays support frames

Removing the guide frames makes cleaning 
the sides of the oven easier. This operation 
should be performed each time the 
automatic cleaning cycle is used (only on 
some models).
To remove the guide frames. Pull the frame 
towards the inside of the oven to unhook it 
from its groove A, then slide it out of the slots 
B at the back.
When cleaning is complete, repeat the 
above procedures to put the guide frames 
back in.

3.9 Special maintenance

Replacing the internal light bulb

1. Completely remove all accessories from 

inside the oven.

2. Remove the racks/trays support frames.

3. Remove the bulb cover using a 

screwdriver or other appropriate tool..

4. Slide out and remove the lamp.

Live parts
Danger of electrocution

•  Disconnect the oven power supply.

Do not touch the halogen lamp 
directly with your fingers, wrap it in 
an insulating material.