Functions list

The combination of the fan and the 
convection heating element in ECO 
mode is intended for cooking on a 
single shelf to save power.

Upper and lower heating elements
As the heat comes from above and 
below at the same time, this system 
is particularly suitable for certain 
types of food. Traditional cooking, 
also known as static cooking, is 
suitable for cooking just one dish at 
a time. Perfect for all types of roasts, 
breads and cakes and particularly 
suitable for fatty meats such as 
goose and duck.

The heat coming from the broiler 
element gives perfect broiling results 
especially for thin and medium 
thickness meat and, when used in 
combination with the rotisserie 
(where present), it gives the food an 
even browning at the end of 
cooking. Perfect for sausages, ribs 
and bacon. This function enables 
large quantities of food, particularly 
meat, to be grilled evenly.

Lower heating element
The heat coming just from the lower 
element allows you to cook foods 
that require a higher bottom 
temperature, without affecting their 
browning. Perfect for cakes, pies, 
tarts and pizzas.

European convection with lower 
heating element
Use fan-assisted cooking combined 
with the lower heating element to 
brown food slightly. Perfect for any 
type of food.

Convection with upper and lower 
heating elements 
The operation of the fan, combined 
with traditional cooking, ensures 
uniform cooking even for complex 
recipes. Perfect for cookies and 
cakes, even when simultaneously 
cooked on several levels. (For 
multiple-level cooking, we 
recommend using the 2


 and 4




Convection Broil
The air produced by the fan softens 
the strong heat generated by the 
broiler element, grilling even very 
thick foods perfectly. Perfect for 
large cuts of meat (e.g. pork shank).