Important instructions

For best results, follow these instructions 
before and during the oven installation:
•  Decide on the final location of the oven. 

Locate the existing wiring to avoid drilling 
into or severing wiring during installation.

•  To avoid damage to the floor, place the 

oven on cardboard prior to installation. 
Do not lift by the door handle or any part 
of the frame or trim.

•  Remove the shipping materials and tape 

from the oven.

•  Remove the literature contained in the 


•  Remove and set aside racks and other 

parts from inside the oven.

•  Move the oven on the cardboard close 

to the oven’s final location.

Power cord position

(back view)

Fastening bushings

Remove the covers inserted on the oven 

Mount the appliance into the recess.
Secure the appliance to the cabinet using 

Cover the bushings with the covers 
removed previously.