•  Connect to a 20A fuse or circuit breaker. 

Connect to copper wire, or, if 
connection is made to aluminum house 
wiring, use UL-listed or CSA-approved 
connectors approved for joining 
aluminum and copper wiring.

Fixed connection

Fit the power line with an multi-pole circuit 
breaker in compliance with installation 
The circuit breaker should be located near 
the appliance and in an easily reachable 

1.4 Cable replacement

1. Unscrew the rear casing screws and 

remove the casing to access the terminal 

2. Replace the cable.

3. Make sure that the cables (for the oven 

and/or cooktop) follow the best route in 
order to avoid any contact with the 

1.5 Positioning

NOTE: Both leads coming out of 
the appliance must be connected 
according to the diagrams shown 
in figures.

Power voltage
Danger of electrocution

•  Disconnect the main power supply.

Heavy appliance
Danger of crushing injuries

•  Position the appliance into the cabinet 

cutout with the help of a second person.

•  Failure to do so can result in back or 

other injury.

Pressure on the open door
Risk of damages to the appliance

•  When positioning the appliance during 

installation, do not use the door handle 
to lift or move this appliance.

•  Never use the oven door to lever the 

appliance into place when fitting.

•  Avoid exerting too much pressure on the 

oven door when door is open.

Heat production during appliance 
Risk of fire

•  Check that the cabinet material is heat 


•  Check that the cabinet has the required