1 Installation

1.1 General installation instructions

•  Proper installation is your 

responsibility. Have a qualified 
technician install this oven. Make sure 
you have everything necessary for 
correct installation. It is the responsibility 
of the installer to comply with installation 
guidelines specified on the model/serial 
ID plate. The model/serial ID can be 
found on the internal frame of the oven 
when the door is opened.

•  Have your oven installed and 

properly grounded by a qualified 
installer, in accordance with these 
installation instructions. Grounding is 
mandatory according to the provisions of 
the electrical system safety regulations. If 
this appliance is connected to an outside 
electrical power source, it must be 
grounded in compliance with local laws, 
or, if no local laws exist, in compliance 
with the national ANSI/NFPA 70 code 
of electrical regulations.

•  Make sure that the voltage and 

dimensions of the supply line correspond 
to the information indicated on the 
model/serial rating plate. A multi-pole 
circuit breaker must be available on the 
supply line with contact gap equal to or 
greater than 3mm, located in an easily 
accessible position near the appliance.

•  Do not attempt to repair or replace any 

part of your oven unless specifically 
recommended in this manual. All other 
service procedures should be performed 
by a qualified technician.

•  This oven is not suitable for installation 

and use in mobile homes or campers.

•  Electrical grounding is required. See 

the “Electrical requirements” section. It is 
the customer’s responsibility to:

1. Contact a qualified electrical installer.
2. Ensure that the electrical system is 

adequate and in compliance with the 
CODE - latest edition - or the 
C22.11 - 1982 and C22.2 No. 01982 
- or latest edition - and all local codes 
and ordinances.

IMPORTANT: Observe all codes and 
ordinances in force.