Cleaning and Maintenance



Vapor Clean setting

1. Turn the function knob and the 

temperature knob to the 


2. Set a cooking time of 18 minutes using 

the cooking time procedure described in 
more detail in “Programmed cooking”.

3. The Vapor Clean cycle starts 

approximately 6 seconds after the last 
press on the programmer's keys.

4. At the end of the Vapor Clean cycle, the 

timer will deactivate the oven heating 
elements, the buzzer will start to sound 
and the numbers on the dial will flash.

End of the Vapor Clean cycle

5. Open the door and wipe away the less 

stubborn dirt with a microfiber cloth.

6. Use an anti-scratch sponge with brass 

filaments on tougher encrustations.

7. In case of grease residues, use specific 

oven cleaning products.

8. Remove the water left inside the oven.

9. For improved hygiene and to avoid food 

being affected by any unpleasant odors, 
we recommend drying the oven using a 
convection function at 320°F for 
approximately 10 minutes.

3.10 Extraordinary maintenance

Replacing the internal light bulb

1. Completely remove all accessories from 

inside the oven.

2. Remove the racks/trays support frames.

3. Remove the bulb cover using a tool (e.g. 

a screwdriver).

4. Slide out and remove the light bulb.

We recommend that you use 
rubber gloves for these operations.

For easier manual cleaning of the 
parts that are difficult to reach, we 
recommend that you remove the 

Live parts
Danger of electrocution

•  Disconnect the oven power supply.

Do not touch the halogen light 
bulb directly with your fingers. 
Wrap it in an insulating material.