2.6 Programmer clock

1 Timer key

2 End of cooking key

3 Time setting and reset key

4 Value decrease key

5 Value increase key

Setting the time

On the first use, or after a power failure, the 
display flashes at regular intervals. Press 


to stop the flashing. Press 

 again for two 

seconds to start the procedure for setting 
the current time. Use the keys 



increase or decrease the time value by one 
minute each time you press until the correct 
time has been set. The clock starts working 
5 seconds after the last key press.

Timed cooking

1. After selecting a cooking function and 

temperature, press the key 

. The 

pointer moves to position 12 and the 


will flash on the display.

2. To set the cooking time, press the key 



 within 5 seconds: each pressure 


 adds 1 minute to the cooking 

time, and every 12 minutes a new 
internal segment will light up (the 
example below shows a cooking time of 
1 hour).

3. Once the required time is obtained, 

cooking will start about 5 seconds after 
the last press on 



Timed cooking is the function that 
allows a cooking operation to be 
started and then ended after a 
specific length of time set by the