3 Humidification knob

Dispenses steam to improve cooking. Turn 
the knob anti-clockwise to the 1 position. 
Steam will be dispensed until the knob is 

4 “DOOR” key

Activates the device which allows the door 
to be opened.

5 Timer indicator light

When off, it indicates the beginning of 
timed cooking. When on, it indicates that 
timed cooking has finished.

6 Timer knob

This knob allows you to select manual or 

timed cooking. Turn the knob to symbol 


for manual cooking or to the numbers to 
select the minutes of cooking. Once the 
countdown has finished, the knob will 
automatically return to the “0” position, the 
oven switches off and a beep sounds to 
indicate the end of cooking.

2.3 Other parts


The appliance features shelves for 
positioning trays and racks at different 
heights. The insertion heights are indicated 
from the bottom upwards (see 2.1 General 

Internal ventilation

The oven fan (together with the heating 
elements) switches off automatically when 
the door is opened and then switches back 
on when the door is closed again.

Interior lighting

The oven light comes on when the 
appliance is running or when the door is 

Manual door opening

In the event of a temporary power cut, pull 
the cord on the back of the appliance to 
manually open the door.

For humidified cooking, place the 
function/temperature knob in a 
position between 150°C and