•  Use wooden or plastic utensils.
•  Do not seat on the appliance.
•  Do not use steam jets to clean the 


•  Do not obstruct ventilation 

openings and heat dispersal slots.

•  Never leave the appliance 

unattended during cooking 
operations where fats or oils 
could be released.

•  Never leave objects on the 

cooking surface.

•  Do not use the appliance to heat 

rooms for any reason.

•  Remove any food residues or 

large spills from previous cooking 
operations from the inside of the 

For this appliance

•  Before replacing the bulb, switch off 

the power supply to the appliance.

•  Do not rest any weight or sit on the 

open door of the appliance.

•  Take care that no objects are stuck in 

the doors.

1.2 Identification plate

•  The identification plate bears the 

technical data, serial number and brand 
name of the appliance. Do not remove 
the identification plate for any reason.

1.3 Manufacturer liability

The manufacturer declines all liability for 
damage to persons or property caused by:
•  Use of the appliance other than as 


•  Non-observance of the user manual 


•  Tampering with any part of the 


•  Use of non-original spare parts.

1.4 Appliance purpose

This appliance is intended for cooking food 
in a professional environment. Every other 
use is considered improper.
This appliance must not be used by people 
(including children) of reduced physical 
and mental capacity, or lacking in 
experience in the use of electrical 
appliances, unless they are supervised or 
instructed by adults who are responsible for 
their safety.

1.5 Disposal

This appliance must be disposed of 
separately from other waste 
(Directives 2002/95/EC, 2002/

96/EC, 2003/108/EC). The appliance 
does not contain substances in quantities 
sufficient to be considered hazardous to 
health and the environment, in accordance 
with current European directives.
To dispose of the appliance:
•  Cut the power supply cable and remove 

it along with the plug.