3 7 Noises during operation, 3 8 Heated front surface, 3 9 Turning the appliance off




3.7 Noises during operation

The refrigerator and freezer compartments 
are cooled by means of a compression 
system. In order to maintain the preset 
temperature inside the refrigerator and 
freezer compartments, the compressor 
comes into operation in response to the 
level of cooling required, and may operate 
continuously if necessary. When the 
compressor starts to function, it creates a 
buzzing noise which generally diminishes in 
intensity after a few minutes.
Another normal operating noise of the 
appliance is a gurgling due to the coolant 
flowing through the pipes in the circuit. This 
noise is normal and does not indicate an 
appliance malfunction. If it becomes too 
loud, this may mean that there are other 
causes. Checks must then be made to 
ensure that:
•  The refrigerator is properly levelled on 

the floor and does not vibrate when the 
compressor is in operation: if this is not 
the case, adjust the appliance's feet until 
it is level;

•  The drawers, shelves and trays on the 

door are correctly positioned in their 
holders: if they are not, put them in 

•  Bottles and containers on the various 

shelves are stable and not touching each 
other: otherwise, the vibration resulting 
from compressor operation could 
generate noise;

•  Do not position the fridge in such a way 

that it is in contact with furniture or other 
household appliances.

3.8 Heated front surface

There is a front surface heating system 
inside the cabinet to limit the formation of 
condensation around the door seal.

3.9 Turning the appliance off

Whenever the appliance is to remain 
unused for long periods, it should be 
switched off.
1. Turn the thermostat knob on the control 

panel to 0 STOP.

2. Unplug the appliance from the wall 


3. Empty the compartments.

4. Once the freezer has fully defrosted, dry 

any residual accumulated moisture with 
a tea towel.

Leave the door ajar to ensure that moisture 
and stagnant air do not cause unpleasant