3.2 First use

1. Remove any protective film from the 

outside or inside of the appliance, 
including accessories.

2. Remove any labels (apart from the 

technical data plate) from the 
accessories and from the oven cavity.

3. Remove and wash all the appliance 

accessories (if fitted) (see 4 Cleaning 
and maintenance).

4. Heat the empty oven at the maximum 

temperature to burn off any residues left 
by the manufacturing process.

Setting the power

The maximum absorbed power value will 
be displayed flashing after connecting the 
appliance to the power supply. 

1. Turn the knob to 


 to select the 

maximum absorbed power.

2. Press the knob to confirm the selection.

Improper use
Risk of damages to the appliance

•  The hardness of the water used for 

humidified cooking must not exceed 10-
11°F. Use tap water that has been 
treated with a water purification or 
softening system.

Power should be set when 
connecting the appliance to the 
power supply for the first time. The 
value set is saved and used 
automatically whenever the oven is 
switched on subsequently.

From the OFF status hold the knob 
down for at least 3 seconds if you 
need to modify a parameter that 
you have already set.

Selectable power values with 
three-phase connection
8.3 kW ; 5.5 kW ; 3.0 
single-phase and two-phase 
5.5 kW ; 3.0 kW