2.2 Control panel

Basic model / Model with grill heating element and humidification system

START button (1)

It starts cooking or a rapid cooling cycle 
after cooking is completed. On the model 
with humidification it also starts the manual 
humidification cycle.

STOP button (2)

It ends cooking at any time.

Display (3)

It displays the selected program and the 
relevant cooking parameters.

Program selection knob (4)

It allows you to select the cooking program 
and modify the set parameters, such as 
temperature and time.

2.3 Other parts


The appliance features shelves for 
positioning trays and racks at different 
heights. The insertion heights are indicated 
from the bottom upwards (see 2.1 General 

Internal ventilation

The counter rotating fans deactivate 
automatically when the door is opened and 
resume operation when the door is closed.

Interior lighting

The oven interior lighting comes on when 
the door (depending on the model) is 
opened or any function is selected.

Safety thermostat

The appliance is equipped with a safety 
device that triggers in case of serious 
malfunction. To re-arm the safety device 
press the button on the back.

Contact technical support 
immediately after the safety device 
has triggered to check if there are 
any faults.