For this appliance

•  Do not obstruct ventilation openings and 

heat dispersal slots.

•  Do not insert pointed metal objects 

(cutlery or utensils) into the slots in the 

•  Do not rest any weight or sit on the open 

door of the appliance.

•  Take care that no objects are stuck in the 


•  Do not use the appliance to heat rooms 

for any reason.

1.5 Manufacturer liability

The manufacturer declines all liability for 
damage to persons or property caused by:
•  Use of the appliance other than the one 


•  Non-observance of the user manual 


•  Tampering with any part of the 


•  Use of non-original spare parts.

1.6 Identification plate

The identification plate bears the technical 
data, serial number and brand name of the 
appliance. Do not remove the identification 
plate for any reason.

1.7 Disposal

This appliance must be disposed of 
separately from other waste 
(Directives 2002/95/EC, 2002/

96/EC, 2003/108/EC). The appliance 
does not contain substances in quantities 
sufficient to be considered hazardous to 
health and the environment, in accordance 
with current European directives.

To dispose of the appliance:
•  Remove the doors and leave the 

accessories (racks and trays) in their 
usual working positions, so that children 
cannot get stuck in the oven 

•  Cut the power supply cable and remove 

it along with the plug.

•  Consign the appliance to the 

appropriate selective collection centres 
for electrical and electronic equipment 
waste, or deliver it back to the retailer 
when purchasing an equivalent product, 
on a one for one basis.

Our appliances are packed in non-
polluting and recyclable materials.
•  Consign the packing materials to the 

appropriate selective collection centres.

Power voltage 
Danger of electrocution

•  Disconnect the main power supply.
•  Disconnect the power cable from the 

electrical system.

Plastic packaging
Danger of suffocation

•  Do not leave the packaging or any part 

of it unattended.

•  Do not let children play with the 

packaging plastic bags.