Fixed connection

Fit the power line with an omnipolar circuit 
breaker in compliance with installation 
The circuit breaker should be located near 
the appliance and in an easily reachable 

Connection with plug and socket

Make sure that the plug and socket are of 
the same type.
Avoid using adapters and shunts as these 
could cause overheating and a risk of 

Cable replacement

1. Unscrew the rear casing screws and 

remove the casing to access the terminal 

2. Replace the cable.

3. Make sure that the cables follow the best 

route in order to avoid any contact with 
the appliance.

5.2 Water connection

Connect the water inlet socket on the back 
of the appliance to a water socket with a 
threaded ¾” opening.

The values indicated above refer 
to the cross-section of the internal 

Power voltage
Danger of electrocution

•  Disconnect the main power supply.

Improper use
Risk of damages to the appliance

•  If the water pipe is new or has not been 

used for a long time, before making the 
connection, let the water flow to ensure 
that it is clear and free from impurities.

•  The inlet pressure should be between 

50 kPa min. and 500 kPa max.