1 Instructions

1.1 How to read the user manual

This user manual uses the following reading 

1. Use instruction sequence.
•  Single use instruction.

1.2 This user manual

This user manual is an integral part of the 
appliance and must therefore be kept in its 
entirety and within the user's reach for the 
whole working life of the appliance.

1.3 Appliance purpose

This appliance is intended for cooking food 
in a professional environment. Every other 
use is considered improper.
This appliance must not be used by people 
(including children) of reduced physical 
and mental capacity, or lacking in 
experience in the use of electrical 
appliances, unless they are supervised or 
instructed by adults who are responsible for 
their safety.

1.4 General safety instructions

For your safety and to avoid damage to the 
appliance, always respect the general 
safety instructions indicated below. In 
•  Have qualified personnel carry out 

installation and assistance interventions 
according to the standards in force.

•  Read this user manual carefully before 

using the appliance.

•  Do not modify this appliance.
•  Do not try to repair the appliance 

yourself or without the intervention of a 
qualified technician.

•  If the power supply cable is damaged, 

contact technical support immediately 
and they will replace it.

General information on this user 
manual, on safety and final 

Description of the appliance and its 

Information on the use of the 
appliance and its accessories, 
cooking advice.
Cleaning and maintenance

Information for proper cleaning and 
maintenance of the appliance.

Information for the qualified 
technician: Installation, operation 
and inspection.

Safety instructions